The body is constantly making an effort to maintain internal stability. This is called "HOMOEOSTASIS". The body will always do what it can to return to stability if that state is altered. If it’s a very hot day, the body perspires to cool itself. If a bone is broken, the body works to mend it. The body creates scar tissue over a cut to protect itself from further damage, and it produces white blood cells to fight infections.

The body’s response to homeopathy is also an effect of homeostasis. Homoeopathic medicines act upon the body causing a complex series of biochemical changes that attempt to bring the body back to a healthy state.

Dr.Hahnemann father of homeopathy based the Homoeopathic Science on the principle of "Nature’s law of cure ! i.e. to bring in gentle, and permanent cure by raising the body’s "immunity or inner vital force" to an extent where the body overcomes the diseased process and gets back to it’s normal healthy self without causing any adverse side effect.



What is potency ? Potency means "inner or physical strength". It can also be defined as the dynamic-property of a drug, which is released, enhanced and maintained by the dynamization method. Dynamisation is also known as potentisation which means the liberation of the hidden power of a drug. Homoeopathic potentization therefore is a mechanical process for the reduction, according to scale, of crude, inert or poisonous medical substances, to a state of physical solubility, physiological assimilability and therapeutic activity and relatively harmlessness, for use as homoeopathic healing remedies.

Potencies can be low; starting from Q to about 3X….6X; medium potencies are from 30 to 200 and high potencies from 1M to 10M onwards. The higher the potency the lesser the drug but more the energy. It is more or less based on the theory of the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb gets its energy from the splitting of the nucleic (central cores) of Uranium or plutonium atoms. The relationship between mass and energy put forth by the German-American mathematician Albert Einstein explains how the fission of heavy atoms can produce energy. Similarly, in homeopathy the drug substance i.e. small atoms are split into smaller and smaller atoms generating more and more energy.