There are no ‘don’ts’ about them. Extensive clinical trials were carried out in Mexico, which proved that they don’t hinder the efficacy of the medicines.


There is a well-known myth among the lay people but mercifully not so any more among the enlightened community of modern medical practitioners of all disciplines that homoeopathy is slow to act. This of course is a myth. In acute diseases when the infection is growing at a fast rate, nobody, not even the homoeopath can afford to wait for slow, passive action. Slow and steady surely wins the race ……to heaven in this case. The speed of therapeutic response is of utmost importance. The properly selected remedy with the right potency and dosage works with unbelievable speed.


This is another big misunderstanding that exists amongst people. Nothing comes out or nothing gets worse. At times certain diseases in the system get suppressed due to use of "strong-medicines" and these suppressed diseases attack vital organs causing further destruction. Now lets see what happens when homoeopathic remedies are given to such a sick individual. As we know the principle of homoeopathy is to make the vital force (inner-strength) strong enough to throw out the disease from within the body in its most natural way. Now when the body starts to throw out these deep seated diseases in the initial stages, the power is so strong that it gives a slight impact. This impact may or may not be felt in all cases and it should not last for more than 48 hours.

Some people have the mistaken belief that Homoeopathy requires you to stop all other forms of medicines. This is not necessarily true. When my patients come to me with chronic illness like Bronchial Asthma, High blood pressure and Diabetes, they have usually been taking allopathic drugs for a number of years. Asthmatics may be on Broncho-dilators and cortisones. I don’t ask them to stop taking

These drugs all of a sudden because not even homoeopathy can work miracles overnight. The patient may need his family doctor for immediate relief from an attack when it is difficult to get to me, say at night. Given the suspicism that some Allopaths have regarding Homoeopathy, the doctor just might pull the patient up for going to a Homoeopath. Besides, since a patient has taken those drugs for so many years, no harm can come from him continuing them for a few more days or weeks, till his system gets adjusted to the homoeopathic drugs. Sudden withdrawal effect of, very potent drugs are extremely harmful and they should be done very systematically and gradually. In case of hypertension, also the same rule applies because I also know the limits of my treatment, that it is not going to act immediately. I have to wait till the time the drug action sets in and once the B.P. starts going down I gradually start withdrawing the drugs one by one….. In acute illnesses like very high fever I try to give antipyretics like Paracetemal …..Crocin…..Metacin to help control the fever for a few hours because once the infection comes under control by homoeopathic drugs then these are not needed. Therefore, I need temporary help from allopathic drugs to bring in complete relief through homoeopathic drugs.