ADVANTAGES OF Homeopathy :

1) It’s a complete medical science which has medicines for psychological-disorders, pathological and physiological disorders and it also removes drug made disorders.

2) It treats each individual case separately, we do not prescribe for the disease/condition but we prescribe alongwith the disease condition, taking into account the patient’s signs and symptoms too. Two people of the same family may suffer from headache but one of them will feel better with a tight bandage on his head, another one will not let you touch his head….. Why ? Because each individual is different in his likes, dislikes, his aggravations and ameliorations, his mental symptoms, etc. Therefore, Mr.A. will require different medicines from Mr.B.

3) Homoeopathic medicines are based on the theory of "Jainism" ….. "no killing". We don’t kill bacteria but increasing the vitality i.e. inner power of the body which is called the vital force, the body overcomes the bacteria and viruses.

4) Homoeopathic medicines are made from various sources. Herbal, and mineral sources are made maximum use of. They are also made from chemicals but not from crude chemicals – they are potentised chemicals, therefore no side effects are found.

5) No "Iatrogenic-disorder" is formed even after continuously taking homoeopathic drugs. Iatrogenic disease is a disease produced due to drugs and its strong chemicals.

But I would like to warn my frieds that indiscriminate use of high potencies with certain pathological conditions may give rise to certain damage to the system.

6) Homoeopathic medicines go deep into the system and try and help the body to get rid of them without any side effect and the relief is complete and long standing.

7) Through its use a number of surgical conditions can be avoided like Adenoids, Tonsillitis, Piles, Fissures, Fistula, certain types of kidney stones, certain types of liver or bile stones.

Disclaimer: Readers are advised that the medical advice offered on this web site pertains to generalised treatment of conditions. Kindly consult your doctor before self-medication.