All organs in our body are vital for normal functioning and our existence. But without the Respiratory System we will cease to exist. Even the most primitive organisms have a basic system for gas exchange. Our respiratory system can be further divided into:-

1. Upper Respiratory Tract
2. Lower Respiratory Tract

The Upper Respiratory Tract consists of the nose, sinuses, throat and vocal chords. The common infections and diseases of this tract include common cold, allergic colds and cough, throat infections, sinusitis etc.. all these can be very effectively tackled and overcome by Homoeopathy.

The Lower Respiratory Tract consists of the trachea below the vocal chords which then divides into the Bronchi, Bronchioles, and lastly the lung tissue. Diseases affecting this tract are more chronic and difficult to treat. They include Bronchitis, Asthma, Chronic obstructive lung disease, TB, Cancers etc… Homoeopathy has excellent remedies for people suffering from these diseases. However there are certain diseases like cancer and TB where homoeopathy should be given only as a supportive measure along with the other therapies.