Our urinary system is like an extremely sensitive and highly specialized filtration and purification plant. It removes the waste products from the blood circulation and maintains the water and chemical balance within it. The kidney also has several other highly specialized functions like secreting a hormone called Erythropoietin needed for the formation of red blood cells.

This system consists of :-

1. KIDNEYS- we have a one kidney on either side of our body. This purplish brown organ acts as the main purification center removing the waste products from the blood to form urine. UREA is one of the main waste products of our body.

2. URETERS- these are narrow tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder.

3. BLADDER- is a triangular shaped organ which acts as the main collecting and storing center for the urine. Once enough urine has collected there is a reflex which carries the message to the brain and we then feel like going to urinate.

4. URETHRA- this is the last part of the urinary system. It is a tube which carries the urine from the bladder to the external urinary opening. Urine is normally sterile and contains water, salts, waste products but is free from bacteria, viruses, fungi and other organisms. There are a number of conditions and disorders that can affect this system. The common ones are infection, kidney stones, kidney failure etc… A number of these disorders can be tackled and cured with Homoeopathy. There are a numerous drugs in our system of medicine which have marked action on the urinary system. However diet control and water consumption make up an essential part of the treatment too.