We look forward to winter for its cool weather and the festivities it brings. But it also brings with it various different types of Health Problems. Though the temperature in this city does not drop drastically as compared to the Northern cities yet we face winter problems. In this article I have listed the most common ailments and simple ways in which you can tackle them.


In winter the humidity in the air decreases and this causes a lot of dryness. Dryness of the skin, eyes, chapped lips, cuts on the feet and palms etc… occur during the winter months. If you are already suffering from dry skin disorders then this season is worse for you. Dry skin feels itchy and the person has an unbearable desire to scratch. But repeated rubbing and scratching the dry skin makes the area inflamed, rough and thick. Cracks in the skin make the individual more susceptible to infections especially if they are on the soles of the feet and you have a habit of walking bare foot. Some people present with redness of the skin with eruptions.


Our skin has many layers and the last layer, which we see on the surface, is called the Stratum Corneum. This layer contains dead cells along with the natural oil produced by the living cells of the layer beneath. This layer holds the moisture in the skin. When the natural oil in this layer is lost the water holding capacity is also lost and the skin becomes dry and loses its lustre. This can happen in dry weather where there is very little humidity in the atmosphere. This also occurs in people who have certain skin disorders regardless of the weather and occurs naturally in old age.


There are many ways by which you can prevent your skin from drying up. Simple changes in your lifestyle and diet can make a big difference. Here are a few tips:-

1. Avoid harsh medicated soaps and those which are highly perfumed. These contain a lot of chemicals which dry the skin up. Use a soap which is glycerine based and mild on the skin. Use minimum soap on the face.

2. Detergents are also very harsh for the skin so avoid putting your hands in soapy water. A good way to prevent this is by wearing gloves if you have to wash the dishes. Again try and use the mildest detergent available.

3. After a bath do not dry your body completely, just lightly pat yourself partially dry. When the body is still moist use non perfumed petroleum jelly. Apply it with little water all over so that the water gets trapped on the skin and prevents dryness.

4. Use an effective moisturizer 2 to 3 times a day if necessary.

5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Avoid soft drinks and caffeinated beverages. Just have plain simple water as it is the best thing for the skin.

6. Avoid alcohol and smoking as they both tend to cause dryness of the skin.

After taking all these precautions your skin is still dry and causing problems go and see a Homoeopath. There are wonderful remedies for these kind of skin conditions in this system of medicine. Though remedies are given solely on the individuals symptoms, here are a few effective ones for dryness of the skin during winter.

Dry, sensitive, rough and cracked skin during the winter months calls for this remedy. Here there are cracks on the skin which bleed easily. The person has an unbearable desire to itch the skin till it bleeds.
Cracks on the tips of the finger, nipples, calls for this remedy. The person does not feel like wearing anything as the skin has become extremely sensitive. All these symptoms are worse in WINTER and are greatly relieved in summer.
5 pills of Petroleum 200, 4 times a day will help in healing the skin.

This drug is excellent for patients who suffer from skin problems in winter. Here the skin looks very dirty, rough and dry. Itching is intolerable and the person scratches till the part bleeds especially in bed at night. They can't bear the warmth of the bed. All these skin problems seem to disappear in summer and re-occur every winter.
Psorinum 200, 5 pills 4 times a day will give great relief.

Like this there are numerous other drugs good for dry winter skin in Homoeopathy, which are prescribed on the patients symptoms.


There are a large number of viruses that cause colds and cough in the winter months. There are also other factors like the pollution which tends to settle like a haze in these months which can lead to colds and cough. During Diwali several crackers are burst which again acts on the susceptible individuals respiratory system causing problems. In places where it is very cold like the North, people tend to stay more indoors. Therefore if one person has a cold, it tends to spread rapidly due to constant contact with the contaminated person. Hence Viruses can be transmitted from person to person very easily. Also because of the lack of humidity in the air the nasal passages dry up and cracks occur in the skin. This makes it easy for the cold virus to enter the body and multiply.


There are no vaccines yet which help to prevent catching a common cold but there are ways in which we can try to avoid getting one. If your immunity is good and healthy then your chances of coming down with a cold are less and even if you do get one the attack will be mild and no treatment is really required. But if you are susceptible then you need to take Homoeopathy medicines along with other care. Here are a few tips to avoid catching cold:-

1. Keep your immunity in good condition by eating nutritious food, getting your daily dose of exercise and sleeping well.

2. Stay away from people who have a cold. If you are in contact them make sure you wash your hands before eating and keep the plates and glasses separate.

3. If you are also coming down with a cold then drink plenty of fluids and water.

4. Take plenty of rest if you are suffering from a cold.

5. Keep your body well covered and protected from the cold all the time. Exposure to cold can also cause colds.

There is no need for antibiotics for a common cold. But Homoeopathic medicines help to boost your body's immunity to fight against the infection and recovery takes place faster.
The constitutional remedy of the individual should always be given. Here are few effective cold remedies.

If you are suffering from repeated violent sneezing, running nose, irritation within the nose, itchy feeling, over-sensitiveness to smells then Sabadilla is your remedy. Here the patient suffers from constant sneezing and watering of the eyes. The nose feels dry from within. Sabadilla patients are affected by the cold weather and air. They also cannot tolerate the odour of flowers. This triggers the sneezing and running of the nose.
They feel better by inhaling warm air and wrapping themselves up. Also feel better by drinking warm things.
Sabadilla 200, 5 pills 4 times a day will bring on quick relief.

This remedy is excellent for winter colds where the air is dry and cold. Especially effective when at a high altitude the inner lining of your nose dries up and the nose feels blocked. Sometimes there may also be bleeding from the, nose which is bright red in colour. Here the discharge is very scanty and water like. With this cold the person gets fear and anxiety and is extremely worried about his illness. Aconite personalities are highly anxious and restless people.
5 pills of Aconite 1M, 4 times a day will help cure the patient.


Winter months are normally the time for festivities and marriages. Therefore it is also the time of year when people eat out more often and are likely to get food poisoning. Eating at weddings where food is prepared for the masses is dangerous and likely to be contaminated. So how do we take care to avoid getting food poisoning? Firstly try and eat things that are well cooked like rice, dal, cooked vegetables etc…avoid eating raw salads, cold food, cold cuts, meat etc….
Do not drink the water or juices made with water outside. Instead a plain soda is better or mineral water. In deserts avoid cold ones like ice-cream, kulfi, milk based ones as they are more likely to give you a stomach infection. Stick to hot deserts which have been cooked and heated. If you do get food poisoning do not stop the vomiting or loose motions suddenly, this a way in which your body is trying to throw out the harmful substances. Just make sure you are well hydrated by taking small sips of water with a little salt and sugar every few minutes. Stay on a clear liquid diet till your digestive system is okay. We have wonderful remedies for food poisoning which are given depending on the patients symptoms.

When there is great nausea and the person cannot tolerate the sight, smell or even the thought of food then this remedy should be thought of. There is constant nausea and loss of appetite. The patient vomits after eating or drinking anything. Diarrhoea may also be present along with vomiting.
The patient feels like taking small sips of water often. There is burning pain in the stomach and a feeling of anxiety. The arsenic alb patient is highly restless even though physically weak. Feels like he is going to die because of this illness. They have great anxiety about their health.

5 pills or Arsenic Alb 200, in repeated doses will remove all the harmful effects of food poisoning and relieve the nausea and vomiting.