A 45 year old woman came to my clinic with the complaint of dryness in her vaginal region. She had stopped getting her periods a few months back after which this problem started. Having sexual intercourse was very painful and she felt uncomfortable all the time.
I explained to my patient that vaginal dryness after menopause is a common condition many women have to face. However not all women suffering from vaginal dryness are in menopause and it can affect women of all ages.


Vaginal dryness is a symptom or condition experienced by women at any point in their lives. The one of the main causes for the dryness is the decrease in oestrogen levels. This hormone is responsible for keeping the vaginal lining healthy and maintaining normal acidity of the vagina. This acidity protects the vagina from infections. But when the level of this hormone falls so does the natural acidity and lubrication. The vaginal lining then becomes thin, less elastic and fragile.
Menopause is the number one cause for decrease in oestrogen levels. The levels of this hormone can also fall in cases of decreased ovarian function due to radiation or chemotherapy, certain immune disorders, cigarette smoking, removal of the ovaries or loss of oestrogen after childbirth and breast-feeding.

There are also certain other causes besides low levels of oestrogen that can give rise to the problem of vaginal dryness like:

1. Medications - there are some drugs which interfere with the activity of oestrogen. Some cancer drugs like tamoxifen are designed specifically to do that. Allergy medicines like anti-histamines are known to cause dryness of the mucous membranes including the lining of the vagina. Other drugs used for hypertension, anti-depressants can also cause this symptom.

2. Sjogren's Syndrome - is an autoimmune disorder, which causes dryness of the eyes, mouth and vagina. However this is not a very common condition.

3. Douching - Some women cleanse their vagina with a liquid preparation, this is known as douching. However this can cause disturbances in the normal chemical balance in your vagina producing inflammation and dryness.

4. Infection - is another cause for dryness of the vagina as it disrupts the vaginal lubrication. Chronic yeast infections, bacterial infection of the vagina and sexually transmitted infections like Trichomoniasis are all known to cause problems with the vaginal lubrication.


Besides dryness of the vagina women suffering from this condition also complaint of:

1. Itching

2. Burning sensation

3. Pain during sexual intercourse

4. Irritation in the vaginal region

5. A feeling of pressure

6. Sometimes bleeding after sex


There are few things that you can do yourself if you are suffering from this condition.
1. Use Lubricants - water based lubricants help keep the vagina moist for hours. This should be inserted in the vagina especially before intercourse to provide sufficient lubrication.

2. Moisturizers - these are also very helpful in this condition. They help keep the vagina moist for long periods of time. They help maintain the acidic nature of the vagina and prevent infections.

3. Avoid using things like hand lotions or soap in this area as it causes more dryness. Also do not sit in bubble baths.

4. Get yourself checked by a Gynaecologist at least once a year especially after menopause.


There are many hormone therapies available in the market. A lot of gynaecologist also prescribe hormone replacement therapy for women going through menopause. However a recent study shows that this is not safe and can give rise to other potential problems.

In Homoeopathy we always treat the patients on the basis of symptoms and signs of that particular individual especially in chronic cases. The constitution of the woman in these cases is very essential for selecting the correct remedy. Here are a few Homoeopathic remedies used in treating these conditions.


The case of the 45 year old woman narrated above received this remedy. Her personality matched that of the drug. A Lycopodium person is always hesitant and nervous before starting a new venture but once began they excel. This was the case with this woman too.
Also there was lot of dryness and heat of the vagina. She suffered a lot of pain after intercourse. Sometimes she would even bleed from the vagina.
Lycopodium is also good for acrid white discharge which causes burning in the vagina. They are worse from warm applications and better by keeping the part uncovered.

I gave her Lycopodium 200, 5 pills in constitutional doses.


Belladonna is a very handy remedy in treating cases of vaginal dryness where the symptoms are present. Along with the dryness the patient will also complaint of heat and cutting pain from hip to hip. There is a sensation as if all the organs will protrude from the genitals.
During the period the patient will complain of hot gushes of blood, which is offensive in nature.
They are worse by touch or even by slight jarring. They feel better by sitting semi-erect.

Give Belladonna 200, 5 pills 4 times a day till the problem is solved.


A very useful remedy in cases of dryness especially of the vagina. Here along with the dryness the patient also suffers from white discharge, which is thin, acrid and watery. The Natrum Mur patient will complaint of bearing down pain especially in the morning. They are worse from heat and emotions and feel better by open air and cold bathing.
The Natrum Mur is a brooding personality who dwells on all past unpleasant incidents. This remedy helps in cases of depression during menopause.

Natrum Mur 200, should be given taking into consideration the intensity and severity of the case.

This article is written to make the reader aware of what vaginal dryness is and how it can be tackled. Kindly do not self-medicate in these cases and visit your physician if you are suffering from this condition.