The monsoon has started and we welcome the change in temperature. However what we don't know is that the rains not only bring on the much needed water but also a whole host of health problems. The number of flies and mosquitoes suddenly seem to increase all around and in the house. In order to protect ourselves from these health hazards we need to know what are the dangers and how they can be prevented.

There are number of diseases which seem to surface during the monsoon season. We constantly hear of the deadly diseases like Malaria, Typhoid, Cholera, Leptospirosis etc…These diseases need to be treated immediately with the appropriate treatment supported by symptomatic homoeopathic remedies.
Protect yourself and your children from these diseases by taking the correct precautions like making them wear long pants and long sleeve T-shirts. Keep your society clean and make sure the gutters are cleaned by the Municipality before the rains begin. Collection of dirty water outside your house is very dangerous as it allows the mosquitoes to breed.
But in this article we will deal with the common problems like monsoon cold and cough and other water borne diseases.

During the Monsoon season you need to be extremely careful about the water you drink because maximum illnesses are caused by water. You must boil the water for atleast 20 minutes and store it in a bottle or stainless steel jug. Also protect your child by making him or her carry their own bottle from home and avoid drinking the school water. Do not eat things made of water outside like chutneys, pani-puri, juices and raw salads. There is a definitely risk of getting Jaundice and other terrible gastro-intestinal infections.

Keep your child warm and covered at all times. Make them wear special monsoon shoes and raincoats in order to protect them from getting wet. If at all they do get wet, dry the head immediately preferably with a hair dryer and change all their clothes. This way you will not only be preventing them from getting colds and coughs but also other fungal infections. Avoid sending your child swimming during this season.


In Homoeopathy there are a number of remedies especially suited to problems during the monsoon season. Here are a few drugs used commonly in our practice to combat monsoon colds and coughs along with other problems.


Those hot, cloudy and suffocating days at the onset of the monsoon give rise to attacks of cold. One shower brings on an attack of sneezing. The nose feels completely "stuffed up". You want to keep a hand or a handkerchief around the nose because the cold air irritates the nasal passage. Nose gets blocked with thick yellow mucus and profuse nasal discharge when the weather becomes cold due to rains. When the attack is severe then even yellowish catarrh comes out from the eyes. Feels feverish towards evening with icy cold feet and hands.

Dulcamara is also very effective in relieving joint pains, which appear during this weather. Here the patient feels as if the limb is paralysed and cold. There is stiffness across the neck and shoulders after getting wet.

Give Dulcamara 200C, 5 pills every few hours to get rid of these problems.


Here the cold sets in immediately on getting wet or sitting on wet ground or getting the feet wet. The tip of the nose gets red sore and ulcerated. Head feels very heavy, pain starts from forehead and then settles in back of head. Eyes burn and become red with profuse discharge. Mild fever is associated with chill, body ache and restlessness. Body ache is worse on lying down, therefore get up and start walking up and down.

Rhustox is also used commonly to treat joint and bone pains, which arise during the monsoon season. The patient may complain of sciatic pain, which seems to get worse in the damp weather. There is lot of stiffness on waking in the morning or after sitting for a long time. The patient feels better after walking or moving about.

Rhus Tox 200, should be given depending upon the severity and symptoms of the case.


Natrum sulph is one the most used biochemic remedies especially during the monsoon season. Here the nose is full of thick yellowish mucus. The patient will complaint of a heavy head and feels as if the thick yellow mucus is dropping from posterior nares to the mouth. Along with cold there is bad cough with rattling of mucus in chest. Natrum sulph is also very handy in treating cases of asthma during this weather.

Natrum Sulph 200, 5 pills four times a day will help.

This article has been written in order to make people aware of the health hazards during the monsoon season. Always remember to protect yourself and your children by taking the basic precautions mentioned above. However do not self-medicate if unwell, please visit your physician before taking any medication.