Q.1. My five years old daughter always throws up when we go for a holiday by car. This also occurred one-time we flew. How can I help her ?

Ans. Motion sickness stems from imbalance in the inner ear, most doctors will tell you. But Roderic W. Gillan, O.D. who for more than 24 years has focused much of his work on patients suffering from the problem, sees things differently. "Motion sickness at least on land is primarily visual" he says.

Dr.Gillan’s patients have ranged from people who can’t read in a car without getting sick (about a third of the population can’t, he says), to extreme cases who get nausea, dizziness, or headaches watching the quick action of a tennis game or walking down aisle in a shop.

The problem "generally has nothing to do with the need for glasses or a person’s sight" Dr.Gillan says, but is more a matter of sensitivity to rapid eye movements and seeing motions.

The French call it ‘mal de mer’, and even the most seasoned sailors can suffer from it. In the air, its air sickness. On land, its car sickness. And then there is amusement park ride sickness – at least one visitor a day turns green on Disney World’s space mountain or roller coaster. But its all the same thing – that queasy uneasy feeling collectively known as motion sickness.

"Motion sickness results when the brain receives wrong information about the environment" explains Rafael Tarnopolsky M.D., a professor of Otolarymgology at the University of Osteopathic Medicine & Health Sciences. To help keep our bodies in balance, our sensory systems continually collect information about our surroundings and send it to our inner ears, and like computers, they organise the information and send it on the brain. It is when our balance system notes a discrepancy between what our inner ears sense and our eyes sense that motion sickness can take hold, says Horst Konard, M.D. Chairman of the Committee on Equilibrium of the American Academy of Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery. Not everyone gets it, but the signals are pretty clear when we do. We get dizzy. We sweat. Our skin turns pale. We feel nauseated. And if things don’t get any better, we throw up.

Once your child feels the symptoms coming on, motion sickness can be very difficult to stop, especially when severe nausea sets in.

Homoeopathy has proved very efficient if travel sickness is treated symptomatically much before the actual travel (or any activity that gives this sick feeling). That means those who are suffering from motion sickness should get themselves treated homoeopathically as soon as possible. Here I have given some tips on homoeopathic medicines.


Think about motion wellness :- "Motion sickness is partly psychological" says Dr.Konard. Do not remind your child that he/she vomits during travelling. Do not focus on the problem and divert your child’s attention.

Leave nursing the sick to someone else :- It’s a common occurrence, you see someone getting sick, you watch that person in sympathy, maybe even offer a comforting shoulder. Before long, you’re the next body down. As cruel as it may sound do you best to ignore others who are sick, says Dr.Konard. Otherwise you’re liable to end up vomiting too.

Get your nose out of the joint :- Bad odours such as engine fumes, petrol smell also aggravates this problem.

Butt out :- Cigarette smoke can only contribute to impending nausea, says Dr. Konard. Prevent anyone smoking in the presence of your child. Don’t create panic in your child by discussing travel sickness. So if anyone of the family members has motion sickness do not confuse your child by discussing about it and causing apprehension for your child.

Travel at night :- Your child’s chances of getting sick diminish when you travel at night because they can’t see the motion as well as they can in day light hours.

Go ahead, get fresh :- If you’re in a car, open a window to deter your child’s nausea by fresh air. On a boat stand with him / her on a deck and take in the sea breeze. On an airplane turn on the overhead vent.

Get enough sleep :- The chances of motion sickness increases with fatigue. So be sure to get your child sufficient quota of sleep before travelling.

Don’t read :- While you’re riding in a car or on a rough plane or boat trip, the movement of the vehicles you’re in makes the printed matter on page move. This can make your child awfully dizzy so avoid them from reading anything.

Suck a lemon :- The early stages of motion sickness causes you to produce excess saliva, which dribbles down to your stomach and makes you nauseous. Sucking on lemon produces a chemical called tannins which reduces the nausea and saliva. Always carry lemon or lemon juice with you.

Homoeopathy eradicates motion sickness, in very severe cases it reduces motion sickness to a comfortable level.

In air sickness when there is sinking feeling nausea, heavy head, your child experiences fear at pit of stomach more so at landing and take off time. Take Tabaccum 200, 5 pills every hourly till you feel comfortable.


For car or bus sickness specially when smell of diesel or petrol give more nausea. There is sudden hunger pang, food gives relief to travel sickness specially sour food. Petroleum 30, 5 pills 2 hourly will help.


Wile travelling develops sudden nausea with a feeling of emptiness in head. Headache is more at the back of head and nape of neck. There is complete aversion to food and drinks. When nausea and giddiness is felt at sea, Coccules 30, 5 pills 2 hourly will help.



Bryonia also has nausea at sea but if your child lies down quietly in a dark room, nausea is less felt. The moment he/she eats, drinks or makes any movements severe nausea sets in. Severe headache as if a tight bandage around the head relieved in darkness. Dryness of mouth with excessive thirst. But the moment he drinks water a yellowish bilious fluid is vomited out with relief of nausea. Bryonia 200, 5 pills every 2 hourly will help people with these symptoms.


Develops nausea, giddiness and headache when they see the other objects passing fast while in motion. Nausea and headache increases on closing the eye. They are nervous in nature and while travelling this nervousness increases.


There is incessant nausea with vomiting and a terrible faint sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach. The face will be pale with cold sweats all over the body. Loosening the clothes around the abdomen helps. Tabaccum 200, 5 pills 4 times daily will be of great help.

To cure these ailment of motion sickness you will have to go to your homoeopath for constitutional treatment (much before your travel programme !).


Readers are advised that the medical advice offered in this column pertains to generalised treatment of condition. Kindly consult your doctor before self-medication.