Recently it has been found that a large number of children are suffering from "CHICKEN POX". This has prompted me to write about this particular infection and explain to the public what this disease really is. My purpose is also to make people aware that Homoeopathy has some wonderful remedies for this infection and the damage it can cause later in your child's life.


Chicken pox or varicella is a common, acute, and highly contagious infection caused by the Herpes Varicella Zoster Virus. It can occur at any age but is most common in the 2 to 8 age group. This infection is transmitted by direct contact. Someone can give you this infection by sneezing or coughing near you. It can also be caught from an infected person's clothing or from touching their blisters. You will only know your child has chicken pox 7- 21 days after they catch it. Chicken pox is probably communicable from one day before lesions erupt to six days after vesicle formation.

Chicken pox occurs worldwide and is endemic in large cities. Outbreaks occur sporadically, usually in areas with large groups of susceptible children. It affects all races and sexes equally.


A rash is usually the first sign that something is wrong. But some children feel tired, or get fever or stomachache one to two days before the rash starts. The rash starts out flat and red. It usually starts on the head, face, and back. But the rash can spread anywhere. Some children get sores in their mouth, on their eyelids or around the groin region.

Soon the red spots turn into clear blisters that itch a lot. When your child scratches, the blisters break and make hard crusts or scabs. New vesicles continue to form for another 5-6 days, so the rash contains combination of blisters and scabs. At times there is severe itching which causes scratching and this leads to secondary infection and scarring. Rare complications include Pneumonia, Encephalitis, Myocarditis, Nephritis and Hepatitis. Children can give this infection to someone else before the rash develops and until all the blisters are crusted over.


Most children get over chicken pox without any problems. Usually the biggest problem is infected blisters. Chicken pox calls for strict isolation until all the vesicles and most of the scabs disappear (usually for one week after the onset of the rash). Children can go back to school if just a few scabs remain since at this stage the infection is no longer contagious. If your child gets chicken pox once they will probably be immune to it. If they do get it again, it won't be as bad the second time.

There are a few excellent homoeopathic remedies which provide great relief to the patient and avoid the occurrence of secondary infection. It stimulates the child's own immunity to get over the infection faster without any complications.


If the child complaints of pain in the legs, especially in the calf muscles, and in the joints one or two days before the onset of eruptions then this remedy is indicated.

There is severe itching and burning and the child feels better on covering his body. Within 2-3 days red, small, water like blisters erupt on the surface of the skin. These eruptions burn and itch a lot and may even cover the whole body or part of it.

Watery discharge oozes out from the vesicles. Here the child is very restless and wants to keep moving (due to the leg pain).

These vesicles form scales and start drying up 8 - 10 days after they surface.

Rhustox 30 , 5 pills four to six times a day will reduce the number of eruptions, decrease the intensity of the burning and itching and will help in healing. Rhustox 30, 5 pills should be continued for 2 - 3 weeks after the onset of chicken pox.


When the eruptions resemble tiny, water filled plastic bags then Apis is the correct remedy.

Around the eruptions the skin looks reddish and puffed up.

The child complaints of stinging burning pain by saying that it feels like some insect is biting him.

Eyes look swollen with red eyelids and puffy face.

Apis 30, 5 pills four to six times a day will give great relief till the time the scabs fall off.



In this drug the symptoms usually start with severe bodyache, malaise, headache and fever before the eruptions come up.

The headache is associated with nausea, giddiness and severe mental irritability. The child wants his head to be pressed continuously.

The mouth feels very dry with parched or cracked lips. Hence there is constant thirst for water along with a dry hacking cough.

The child is absolutely listless and just wants to lie down.

Bryonia 200, 5 pills four to six times a day should be given till the scabs fall off.



This is considered as the homoeopathic vaccine for chicken pox.

If there are any cases of chicken pox in the neighbourhood or at home, please give your child Variolinum 200, 5 pills (2 doses) and repeat every week for 4 weeks (same dosage). Even adults can take this preventive vaccine.

This will help you prevent the disease or even if your child gets it the intensity of the infection will be mild.


1. Take special care to keep your child with chicken pox away from adults, older people, and pregnant women who have never had this infection. Also keep your child away from people who are sick or taking medicines that make it harder for their bodies to fight off illnesses.

2. Please watch your child carefully for any signs of fever, restlessness and any other complaints.

3. Keep the area or room where the child is well ventilated and clean.

4. If your child has a very bad headache, stiff neck and high fever, convulsions, acts strange or throws up over and over you need to get immediate medical help from a doctor.



There is a special application made out of homoeopathic mother tinctures which will prevent the marks from remaining.


Apply 5 % Thuja and 5 % Calendula ( 5 drops of Thuja and 5 drops of Calendula mother tincture should be combined with 90 drops of distilled water).

Use a sterile gauze and apply it on vesicles, they will heal fast without leaving marks.


The tips below will help you comfort your child. They will help with the itching so your child won't scratch so much. (Scratching the scabs can start another infection or leaves scars.)

  1. Keep your child busy. He or she can't scratch if his or her hands are busy and this will divert their mind so that they won't think about the itching.

  2. Give your child a room temperature water bath without soap every 3 or 4 hours. Do this for the first 2 days. Keep your child in the bath for 15 - 20 minutes. Add 1/2 cup of baking soda or oatmeal bath to the water. Pat your child dry. Don't rub
  1. Put a cool, wet washcloth on the itchy places.
  2. You can put calamine lotion on the itchy places but don't use any other preparations like Caladryl lotion.
  3. Keep your child's fingernails short so it is harder to scratch.
  4. If your child is a baby, cover the baby's hands with cotton socks to prevent scratching.
  5. Wash your child's hands atleast 3 times a day.
  6. Keep your child out of the sun. The sun makes the rash worse.
  7. Give your child soft foods and plenty of fluids like soups and water. Avoid spicy food, salty foods and fruits like orange and grapefruit.
  8. Have your child gargle with salt water if his or her mouth itches. (put 1/2 teaspoon of salt in one cup of water.)